Designated funds

Innovation and modernisation fund

Your journeys will keep improving through our investment in innovation, science and technology.

Technology is rapidly influencing the transport sector. We know we need to keep innovating to improve experiences on the road, while getting people where they need to be, safely and reliably.

Through this fund, we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve safety and journeys, connect the country and drive the economy. It has five themes which are revolutionising travel and work on our roads:

Design, construction and maintenance – Finding innovative and more effective ways to design, build and maintain our roads.

Connected and autonomous vehicles – Supporting the move to semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles, while putting users’ safety at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Customer mobility – Providing seamless and sustainable journeys for our customers through reliable, information-rich highways.

Energy and environment – Saving energy, reducing our environmental impact and delivering value for money through sustainable road enhancements and renewals.

Operations – Unlocking capacity on our roads and making them safer for the people who use and work on them.