SAFETYcam trial

Key Facts

  • Fund: Innovation
  • Trial began: July 2017
  • Region: Midlands

safety cam van


SAFETYcam is an intelligent site safety innovation protecting road workers currently on trial in the Midlands.

The camera system was successfully developed by Carnell and Kier Highways and sponsored through the Innovation Fund. Site-based trials deploying four SAFETYcam vehicles across the Strategic Road Network have been taking place since July 2017 over a period of 12 months.

The system uses two complimentary vehicle detection systems to capture instances of dangerous driving, whilst providing a conspicuous visual deterrent and actively changing driver behaviour. Automatic number plate recognition combined with 360° video, and speed detection cameras are installed within the vehicles to provide comprehensive coverage.

When deployed it virtually eliminates deliberate vehicle incursions and dramatically reduces the number of site vehicles exceeding site speed restrictions.

Due to its effectiveness in improving safety at trial sites, the innovation was one of the winners at the Highways England Health, Safety, and Wellbeing awards and NW CIHT Innovation and Safety awards.

We are working closely with Carnell and Kier Highways to explore options to implement this on a wider scale.

How the project benefits driver and worker safety

The trial has proven successful in reducing site speeds with 50% month on month reduction in drivers registered at speeds in excess of 10mph being recorded. This clearly demonstrates a positive change in site driver behaviour. Since the start of the trial on 31 July 2017, the SAFETYcam vehicles have only recorded 3 unauthorised incursions where the drivers have been seeking to gain an advantage.

In addition, a 55% overall reduction in site vehicles speeding through closures within Midlands network where a SAFETYcam vehicle is deployed.