Corporate documents

Highways England corporate documents

Here is a selection of our most recent corporate reports and publications, which you can download as pdfs.

Annual Report and Accounts 2019

The annual report on our performance and achievements in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of England’s motorway and trunk road network.

Performance Monitoring Statements 2019-20

The statements provide in greater detail our performance against the key performance indicators, performance indicators and reporting requirements.

Delivery Plan 2019-20

Our 2019-20 Delivery Plan update sets out our plans to improve safety and customer service, and the project and operational delivery of the government’s first Road Investment Strategy (RIS).

Connecting our customers 2020-21

Our Customer Service Strategy remains at the core of what and how we deliver, and this is driven by customer insight.

Our story so far

Six booklets that describe the progress Highways England has made during its first four years.

Contracts pipeline 2020

The Highways England Contracts Pipeline sets out our purchasing intentions and approach over the period of
the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS) 2020 – 2025.

Contracts pipeline datasheet

The Contracts Pipeline datasheet shows the stages of procurements and will be updated regularly. It includes details of planned, current and completed activity.