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Finalists 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update


The Highways England Awards team have decided to postpone the awards ceremony due to the current risk posed by Coronavirus (Covid-19).

With everybody’s safety in mind, the awards have been moved back from the 30th April, to the 8th October. All other details remain the same, taking place between 17.30 and 23.00 at The ICC Birmingham, 8 Centenary Square, B1 2EA.

We are sorry that we have had to delay such a special evening. If you have any questions please contact the team at:


Highways England Awards finalists

We’re delighted to announce the finalists for the Highways England Awards

Thank you to all who entered the awards this year. Here are the shortlisted entrants for 2020. All shortlists are invited to join us for the awards ceremony at the ICC on 30 April, where the winners will be announced.


Each entry has been allocated a maximum of five seats. The organiser of the nomination has been asked to manage the group who will attend. Attendance is strictly by invitation only.

  • Deadline for accepting the invitation is 16 March
  • Dress code is smart business

The timing for the evening

  • 5.30pm Guests arrive for the drinks reception
  • 6.45pm Welcome, sit down dinner and Awards
  • 10pm Thanks and close

If you have any questions please email HEAwards@highwaysengland.co.uk

And the finalists are…

Excellence in safety learning
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Establishing an industry leading culture of learning and improvement through ‘safety is success’ BMJV
Abdulrazaq Abdi – my first year in health and safety Mway Comms
The impact protection vehicle strike and traffic management incursions group Amey
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Fatal Research Project Highways England
 Property management – reducing risks Highways England
 Creating a step change in operations safety Highways England
Excellence in safety for road users
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
 Developing best practice for safety assurance for connected and automated vehicle trials TRL
 A new approach to improving customer safety Costain Ltd
 M20 Project Brock Balfour Beatty
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Road user suicide prevention Highways England
 Red X mandatory signal compliance programme Highways England
 Ride Free – refreshing our approach to young rider safety Highways England
Home safe and well champion
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Richard Paddey – embracing ownership to eliminate risk Costain Ltd
Peter Anusas – leading by example BBVJV
Keith Scott – passion for safety J McCann and Co Ltd
Title of Highways England Entry Company
Jack Peel – role modelling and team support Highways England
Nadia Drake – Injury shared learning Highways England
Nicola Tweedy – Suicide Prevention, leading by example Highways England
Excellence in safety innovation
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Wage war on dust and HAV’s through innovation CLM Construction
Robotic age dawns for road markings sector WJ Group
M4 J3-12 remote control compaction plates and dual-view dumpers BBVJV
Title of Highways England Entry Company
BikerTek – Leisure riders safety campaign Highways England
Improving commercial vehicle safety through collaboration and best practice Highways England
Excellence in health and wellbeing
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
M23 J8-10 Smart Motorway Project. Looking after our people – mind and body Kier Highways
M4 J3-12 health innovation BBVJV
Delivering award-winning health and wellbeing engagement initiatives bmJV
Title of Highways England Entry Company
The Customer Experience Group Highways England
New menopause policy launched on world menopause day Highways England
Jennifer Compton – creating a more engaging and enabled, safe workplace Highways England

Employee engagement and behavioural change
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
 ‘Think Customer’ programme  Carnell Group
 Area 10 mobilisation  Amey
 East Midlands Asset Delivery Community  NMCN
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 YNE Customer Working Group Highways England
 Working together to improve road closure information Highways England
 National Customer Service Week 2019 Highways England
Excellence in customer experience
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
 Portable Intercoms Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) Ltd
 Transforming road markings Kier Highways
Delivering an excellent customer experience throughout the North Fareham foot bridge demolition – M27 J4 – 11 Smart Motorway scheme  BMJV
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Improving Variable Signs & Signals Highways England
 60mph speed limit through roadworks Highways England
A14 Hill House Joint Replacement Scheme Highways England
Customer focussed network management
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
 Improving customer journeys with smart technology  HW Martin (Traffic Management Ltd)
 Pioneering CCTV analytics and smart TM on the SRN – M62 J10-12 Smart Motorway scheme  BMJV
 Network management on the A19 DBFO  Sir Robert McAlpine
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Operational Excellence Data Insights-network capacity improvements Highways England
 A64 Strategic Route Communications – Raising the bar on customer engagement Highways England
 Improving focus on three hour plus incidents Highways England
Customer service champion of the year
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Paul Valentine – Public Liaison Officer  NMCN
Carolyne Ferguson -M23 J8-10, leading by example for our customers  Kier Highways
Title of Highways England Entry Company
Chris Burningham – A larger than life customer service champion Highways England
Rhian Sharp – Customer and Communications Manager for the East Midlands Highways England
Nicola Clayton – RIP YNE regional Customer Lead- Customer Champion Highways England

Efficiencies and continuous improvement
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Highways England Pavement Efficiency Group AECOM
 A14 River Great Ouse Viaduct – innovation in construction  A14 Integrated Delivery Team
 Operational excellence – challenging the norm  A14 Integrated Delivery Team
Title of Highways England Entry Company
A63 Princes Quay Bridge – build and installation Highways England
Asset Delivery Rollout Programme Highways England
Amendments to clause 942 for ‘Asphalt Thin Surface Course Systems’ (TSCS) Highways England
Digital Transformation
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Mango – a digital toolset for a productisation mindset Ramboll
Smart Motorway Programme M6 J21a – 26 AECOM
Rapid Engineering Model Jacobs
Title of Highways England Entry Company
Promoting safety and quality with automation in road construction Highways England
 Collaborative Traffic Management (CTM) Highways England
 Data valuation Highways England
Excellence in environment and sustainability
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
Exceptional approach to sustainable service delivery  WJ Group
Breathing cleaner air through electric vehicle technology  HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd
State of the art thin surface course trial on the SRN containing 50% reclaimed asphalt  Connect Plus Services
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Working with Partners in Yorkshire and the North East to address flooding risk to the Strategic Road Network Highways England
 A38 Stover Country Park Wetland Highways England
 Get Cumbria buzzing Highways England
People, skills and cultural excellence
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
People & Skills initiative Costain Galliford Try JV
M23 J8-10 Smart Motorway Programme -our people, our greatest asset Kier Highways
Making highways the sector of choice through inclusive recruitment, talent and community engagement BMJV
Title of Highways England Entry Company
 Returners Programme Highways England
 Local school engagement programme Highways England
Leading women and supporting regional networks Highways England
Supply chain collaboration
Title of Supply Chain Entry Company
A14 Procurement and supply chain management – changing industry behaviours  A14 Integrated Delivery Team
 A1(M) J59-60 concrete barrier and drainage scheme  Carnell Group
 East Midlands Asset Delivery community  Amey
Title of Highways England Entry Company
Connected Autonomous Plant (CAP) Highways England
 M62 Ouse Bridge bearing replacement – success through collaboration Highways England
 M6 Carlisle North package Highways England


The venue for the celebration on 30 April 2020 is ICC, Birmingham

8 Centenary Square, Birmingham, B1 2EA

Travel: The nearest train station is Birmingham New Street. From the station by foot: head up to Victoria Square and follow the signs to Centenary Square, the ICC and Arena Birmingham. Enter Centenary Square and walk straight towards the ICC, passing the Library of Birmingham and Rep Theatre on your right.

Contact details: HEAwards@highwaysengland.co.uk