Highways England Awards
Safety · Customer · Delivery

The ICC, Birmingham
30 April 2020

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The Highways England Awards are designed to recognise people in both our company and our supply chain who have achieved outstanding results in the safety, customer experience and delivery of our network

The winners will reflect the very best in our sector and demonstrate the highest standards for our industry. The judges will look for nominations that demonstrate clear outcomes and benefits and how these have been evaluated against success. There are 14 categories to choose from, and our Chairman will make his selection from all the winners to select the recipient of the Chairman’s Award.

We invite applications from all Highways England employees, our suppliers and their supply chain (including extended supply chain, small and medium enterprises, etc).


Entrants shortlisted will be invited to an awards ceremony on 30 April 2020, and will be contacted in February.

“Now more than ever, at Highways England we are challenging our own teams and supply chain to achieve more for our customers. We focus our efforts around our three imperatives – safety, customer, and delivery – and seek out ways to improve and innovate in these areas.

This is the second year of these awards. They provide a platform to celebrate the achievements of the people who work in our industry and to share examples of excellence.

I encourage you to apply and seek recognition and reward for the people who achieve great things for us. By sharing knowledge and best practice we can all help each other to continually improve. I know we have committed, talented, and motivated people in our company and supply chain and last year we were delighted with the entries that demonstrated your passion and skill. I look forward to receiving your entries.”

Our awards aim to:

  • Recognise the Highways England values and behaviours expected to deliver against our three imperatives of safety, customer service and delivery

  • Encourage individuals and teams to contribute towards continuous health and safety improvements

  • Identify exemplars in promoting a positive culture and a diverse and inclusive workforce

  • Share innovation and best practice across the industry


  • Customer:


    • Excellence in customer experience
    • Customer focussed network management
    • Employee engagement and behavioural change
    • Customer service champion of the year
  • Delivery:


    • People, skills and cultural excellence
    • Digital transformation
    • Excellence in environment and sustainability
    • Supply chain collaboration
    • Efficiencies and continuous improvement
  • Safety:


    • Excellence in health and wellbeing
    • Excellence in safety for road users
    • Excellence in safety learning
    • Excellence in safety innovation
    • Home Safe And Well champion of the year

Highways England Awards 2019

Thanks to everyone who entered last year’s awards and to those who were able to join us for the ceremony. As you have continued to deliver great work over the past 12 months. We hope you’ll feel inspired to make a submission this year.

2019 winners share what winning meant to them

  • “Winning the leading behavioural change for safety award means a tremendous amount to me, it’s a result of Highways England recognising all the hard work I’ve put into helping improve my colleagues health and wellbeing. Since I joined the company 3 years ago, this has inspired me to put more work into the area of health and wellbeing.”

    Tim Burton – leading change for safety award

  • “The road marking sector has been operating in much the same way as it did decades ago but the WJ Group have been determined to provide better and safer ways of delivering services. This excellence in safety award has served to endorse us, not only for the extensive, ground-breaking initiatives and innovations employed to proactively embed an improved safety culture but also for the part played in sharing our successes across the whole industry. We are greatly encouraged because it provides the reassurance that the time spent, and the significant financial investment is exactly what the industry and specifically Highways England require from us. Given our high-risk environment, it was imperative for us to champion these step changes to protect vulnerable operatives, whilst also considering disruption to other road users, our customer. Now, with renewed vigour, we intend to continue our journey of continual improvement for the benefit of all”

    Wayne Johnston – WJ Group – Championing safety award

  • “We believe that this is an exceptionally worthwhile initiative that will deliver significant safety benefits to families who are open to information in how to protect their new born child. We know that many new parents whilst actively seeking information have not thought that in todays modern society transportation of the child by them, friends’ or family is the biggest risk that they and their child now face. This has been a very worthwhile and rewarding initiative that has raised the profile of the benefits that our strategy of Home Safe and Well can deliver. We have managed to achieve engagement with some one million parents and family at nil cost to HE or the taxpayer and this is now being promoted as a very valued initiative that can be replicated in other countries to promote safe and sustainable mobility.”

    Stuart Lovett – Championing safety award

  • “Winning the ‘excellence in environment and sustainability’ award, allowed the whole site team to feel proud of their accomplishments. The award was won for our water saving strategies on the A14 project, and highlighted all of the hard work that had gone into our successful collaborative way of working. We would encourage everyone to apply and get involved, because these awards conjure up a great sense of pride, and have allowed us to enjoy our success as a team.”

    carol Hardingham – A14 team – excellence in environment and sustainability

And the winners were…


Award Title of winner Winner/Company
Excellence in occupational health and wellbeing – Supply Chain M5 Oldbury Viaduct  

BMV Joint Venture

Excellence in occupational health and wellbeing – Highways England Life@ Yorkshire and North East Highways England
Excellence in safety for road users – Supply Chain Dynamic traffic management and exemplary recovery on the A14 C2H improvement scheme A14 Integrated Delivery Team
Excellence in safety for road users – Highways England Joint working with the DVSA Highways England
Championing safety – Supply Chain Transforming roadmarking sector safety standards WJ Group
Championing safety – Highways England BabyBox Highways England
Leading behavioural change for safety – Supply Chain Flannery Training P. Flannery Plant Hire
Leading behavioural change for safety – Highways England Changing and influencing health, safety and wellbeing. Tim Burton, Highways England
Award Highly Commended Company
Leading behavioural change for safety – Supply Chain Leading Behaviour Change Chevron
Award Title of winner Winner/Company
Excellence in environment and sustainability – Supply Chain Water saving strategies on the A14 improvement scheme A14 Integrated Delivery Team
Excellence in environment and sustainability – Highways England A1M Leeming to Barton Catterick Flood Alleviation Scheme Highways England
Leading in efficiencies and continuous improvement – Supply Chain M5 Oldbury BMV Joint Venture
Leading in efficiencies and continuous improvement – Highways England Asset delivery in the south west Highways England
Project of the year – Supply Chain Successful completion of the complex and challenging NRTS2 contract transition telent Technology Services Ltd and Highways England
Project of the year – Highways England Severn River Crossing toll removal Highways England

Award Title of winner Winner/Company
Excellence in customer service – Supply Chain A19-A1058 Coast Road junction scheme Sisk Lagan Joint Venture
Excellence in customer service – Highways England Highways England Customer Contact Centre Highways England
Improving customers journeys – Supply Chain M6 J13-15 smart motorway programme Kier Highways Ltd
Improving customers journeys – Highways England #plannedworks Highways England
Improving employee engagement and behavioural change – Supply Chain A game-changing approach to meeting the needs of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme A14 Integrated Labour Team
Improving employee engagement and behavioural change – Highways England Highways England Management Development Programme (MDP) Highways England
Award Title of winner Winner/Company
Excellence in safety – Highways England Driving for Better Business (DfBB) – Highways England’s approach to delivering improvements in Work-Related Road Safety (WRRS) Highways England
Excellence in safety – Supply Chain SmartBrake – driving improvements in behavioural safety culture and highways industry safety performance Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

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