Connecting the country
Annual report and accounts 2019

Our business at a glance

We believe that connecting people builds communities, creates opportunities and helps the nation thrive. We aim to provide all our customers with safe and reliable journeys through the way we operate, maintain and enhance one of the most advanced road networks in the world.

Our financial review

Overview of our financial performance

We have achieved our financial targets for 2018-19.  We met our Delivery Plan commitments and remained within our £3.8 billion funding. As planned, our capital spend continues to increase as we progress through the current road period, and as more projects enter construction phase. We invested £0.4 billion more this year, and capital spending is 37% greater than three years ago.

Our key financial successes in 2018-19 include:

Our strategic performance: KPIs

Overview of our strategic performance

This section provides a snapshot of our performance over the last four years, since the beginning of RIS1.

Our eight strategic key performance indicators (KPIs), measured across 10 RIS1 targets set by the DfT in 2015, provide a framework against which we can monitor our progress. Our results for 2018‑19 show that our performance has increased and we have met the majority of our commitments, with further work needed in some areas.


Our responsibility

For the first time, we have introduced a Social Impact section to our Annual Report this year, to introduce some of the work we do across our business to minimise our impact on the environment and local communities, and to ensure that we operate sustainably, improving the quality of life for current and future generations.

We have £675 million in ring-fenced funding to help protect and develop the surroundings of our SRN, to promote positive environmental, social and economic outcomes for everyone. This funding is separated into five distinct Designated Funds: Environment, Cycling, Safety and Integration, Air Quality, Growth and Housing, and Innovation.

You can read more about our work in each of these areas – as well as our Safety, Customer Service, and People initiatives – in the Responsibility section of our report.