Advice for recovery operators on Highways England’s smart motorway network

Welcome to our page aimed at providing advice to professional recovery operators for recovering vehicles from a smart motorway.

The film and material we have produced is intended to guide you towards safer recovery practices built up from over twenty years of operating controlled and smart motorways, together with the collaborative work we have done together with you.

Perhaps the most important piece of this advice is that you as a vehicle recovery operator are never expected to work in a live lane on a smart motorway and we at Highways England have procedures in place to make sure you never have to do so.

Highways England will support you by setting signs and signals to improve your safety, and allocating traffic officers or calling on police resource if required to ensure your safety and that you never have to attempt to recover a vehicle in a live lane.

Further the film and guidance outlines ways to maximise safety during recovery when a vehicle is in an Emergency or SOS Area adjacent to the motorway, particularly when re-entering the carriageway from an emergency area, by encouraging you to get in touch with our Regional Control Centre via the emergency phones in situ or by calling 0300 123 5000.

The guidance has been reviewed by leading industry representatives and we are confident that the advice it contains provides you with better information to carry out your duties more safely on our network.

Please feel free to print off our guides and carry with you in your vehicles and to display in your depots.

If you have any further requirements then I would advise you to get in touch via our Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000 or