A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme

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Where are we now?

As we head into autumn, construction on the 12-mile Huntingdon Southern bypass, between Swavesey and Brampton Hut, is nearing completion, with the final asphalt layer due to be completed shortly. Work to install gantries is also progressing well and we can now confirm our intention to open the new bypass to traffic by the end of the year.

We’re reconstructing and widening the old A14 carriageway at multiple points between Swavesey and Milton. We’re using contraflows (where traffic temporarily moves from its usual side to share some of the carriageway in the opposite direction) or new sections of road, such as the local access road, to divert traffic and ensure lane capacity is maintained during the day.

Work on the new Bar Hill junction continues. We’re currently working on the second new bridge at this junction, which will form part of the new roundabout and add extra capacity in this busy area.

We’ve almost finished installing the new environmental barrier along the A1 near Alconbury and are currently adding very low noise surfacing at this location too.

Over recent weeks, we’ve been building the new pedestrian and cycle bridge at Swavesey, culminating in the installation of the bridge deck at the end of August (you can watch a time-lapse video of this below).

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What’s next?

We’ll be installing and tensioning the cables to hold the bridge deck in place on the Swavesey footbridge over the coming weeks. Work on a similar bridge at Bar Hill (which will also accommodate horse-riders) will also begin soon.

The next sowing and planting season is approaching, so we are preparing for this in those areas nearing completion, ready for our landscapers to start their work. You can read more about the environmental work we’re doing here.

Our preparation work, such as utility diversions and vegetation clearance, in Huntingdon is going well. We’ll only be able to begin removal of the viaduct once the new 12-mile bypass is open, which is on track to happen by the end of the year. Read more about our work in Huntingdon here.

Other key parts of the scheme are on schedule to open by the end of 2020.


Application to become a motorway

Earlier this year, we applied to the Planning Inspectorate for a change to our Development Consent Order so that we could re-designate part of the upgraded A14 and A1 as motorways. To enable us to open the Huntingdon southern bypass section of our scheme earlier than originally planned, and ensure people can benefit from the scheme as soon as possible, we have now withdrawn our application. This means that the new road will open as an A-road.

The main change will be that the road signs will be green instead of blue. The new road will still offer the same benefits as the design remains the same, and we are also applying for permanent measures to prohibit slow moving vehicles and use variable mandatory speed limits, which will help make journeys safer and smoother.


The Development Consent Order


Date Event
2010 Government cancels Ellington Fen Ditton scheme
2011/12 Detailed study of options for A14
July 2012 Government announces A14 improvement will include a toll
June 2013 Government announces fast track delivery programme
September 2013 Scheme Options consultation
December 2013 Government removes tolling from the proposal
7 April to 15 June 2014 Pre-Application consultation
December 2014 Development Consent Order application
13 May to 13 November 2016 Development Consent Order examination
11 May 2016 Secretary of State decision
March 2017 Start of works
2020 A14 open to traffic

Development Consent Order – requirements register

We made a commitment to publish and update a register listing the requirements to be completed as part of the Development Consent Order (specified under the Register of Requirements in Schedule 2). This sets out:

  • each requirement
  • whether the requirement needs approval by the Secretary of State (or other duty holder)
  • whether any approval has been applied for or given

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