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You can more details about the maintenance schemes taking place in Yorkshire and the North East below:

We’re installing new concrete central reservation safety barrier along a five-mile stretch and replacing aging steel barriers and installing new street lighting in the verge between Western Interchange and Daltry Street.

The safety barrier is life expired and the lighting improvements will provide drivers with more consistent lighting levels which are more energy efficient.

All these improvements including the improvements to signage and road surface will provide a safer, smoother journey for customers.

Work started on Tuesday 1 September 2020 and we’re hoping to complete the work by the end of May 2021. We’ll be working overnight between 8pm to 6am between Monday to Friday.

After Christmas we’ll be switching to full westbound closures with a lane 2 closure on the eastbound side between Daltry Street and Western Interchange. This is planned for around 55 shifts.

We’ll then concentrate on the section west of Western Interchange. This will involve around ten closures in each direction between Western Interchange and Melton.

  • During full closures access to and from associated junctions will be restricted affecting Western Interchange, Priory Way, Brighton Street and Daltry Street.
  • We’ll be working closely with our colleagues on the A63 Castle St scheme to ensure the two schemes join up and we share traffic management. 

Fully signed diversions will be in place, approved by local authority and police and only one side of the carriageway will be closed at any one time on both schemes.

To keep traffic moving during the day we’ll open the route in full, but speed will be limited to 40mph and camera enforced in both sections for safety while we replace the barrier.

We’re carrying out a series of improvements along the route between the A1(M) and Eastfield roundabout including resurfacing, improving crossing facilities and drainage.

This work will further improve safety and provide drivers with smoother journeys along the route, building on the £22m investment from last year.

Find out more about our A64 improvements scheme.

We’re responsible for the maintenance and repair of the motorway structure which takes the A640 over the M62 between junctions 23 and 22 connecting Outlane and Pole Moor on the outskirts of Huddersfield.

We’ve assessed the structure as part of our routine inspections and identified some repairs that we’ll need to do to improve journey reliability for road users on this route.

We’re busy working with our specialist contractors to develop a suitable design for the repair work but until then we’ll need to reduce the A640 to a single lane carriageway under semi-permanent traffic lights.

We’re starting work on Monday 1 March 2021 carrying out repairs to the manholes during the day under temporary traffic lights for around four weeks. We’ll then install concrete barriers and semi-permanent traffic lights that will remain in place until winter 2021-22.

When we’ve completed the minor manhole repairs, we’ll need to close the A640 overnight for two nights at the end of March between 8pm and 6am to install the concrete barriers, road markings and traffic signals. The dates are still being finalised.

Pedestrian access will be maintained across the structure except during this closure.

A fully signed and approved diversion will be in place via Quebec Road, Rochdale Road, Slaithwaite Gate, Halifax Road, Round Ings Road and vice versa.

We’re carrying out some work to the lighting columns in the central reservation of the A66 between Yarm and Elton to improve safety for drivers.

The lighting columns aren’t working as they should and we need to install new cables by creating trenches in the verge from the top of the A66 westbound Elton exit slip road to the east, along the A66 westbound verge, towards Yarm interchange. It will also include three road crossing, two on the Elton exit slip road and one on the A66 westbound carriageway.

To do this safely and minimise disruption, the work will take place overnight between 8pm and 6am, Monday to Friday.

Work will start on Monday 8 March and is expected to take around five weeks, weather dependant.

Some of the work is expected to be noisy and where possible, we will keep this to a minimum and complete the noisiest activities first. Work will be not take place over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

To carry out the work the A66 westbound Elton exit slip road will be closed between Monday 8 and Monday 22 March.

The A66 westbound carriageway will also be fully closed including the westbound Yarm entry slip road and Elton exit slip road between Tuesday 23 March and Wednesday 7 April.

To maximise the use of the full closure, the A66 westbound Yarm entry slip road will also be resurfaced during this time.

Lane closures will be used throughout the programme and a speed restriction will be in place 24 hours a day.


A66 full westbound closure:

A66 westbound Elton exit slip road diversion  

The northbound exit slip road at junction 47 is being upgraded to improve safety and congestion for drivers.

We’re changing the layout of the junction, by adding an extra lane on the northbound exit slip road to ease congestion during busy times. We’ll also be carrying out some essential maintenance such as resurfacing and lining to improve safety.

To carry the work out we’ll be working within the hard shoulder, so we can keep the exit slip road open as much as possible. However we’ll need occasional full overnight closures of the northbound exit slip road at junction 47 and some of the main northbound carriageway for some of the work and to install and remove traffic management.

We’ll close a short section of the northbound carriageway and the exit slip road overnight between 8pm and 6am for the first three nights from Monday 25 January to install the traffic management and temporary safety barrier.

We’ll also need to close the exit slip road over two full weekends to carry out concrete repairs to the carriageway. The space we need to carry out the work is too wide for us to be able to use lane closures.

Weekend exit slip road closures will be between 8pm Friday and 6am Monday:

  • Friday 22 May to Monday 24 May
  • Friday 5 June to Monday 7 June

Closures will be signed in advance, the diversion will take you off the M1 at junction 46, along the A63 through Garforth and up the A656 to junction 47.

We’re working with our partners to minimise disruption and apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

The scheme is expected to take five months to complete.

We’re renewing and upgrading the bridge barriers (parapets) and associated safety barriers on the M18 at Langham Viaduct to further improve safety for drivers.

We’ll also be installing CCTV cameras to the existing gantry and installing new cabling to the nearside verge.

There will be full closures overnight between 8pm to 6am Monday to Friday.

The link lanes will also be reduced to one lane during the day at various times as we’ll need to install a temporary barrier to protect the parapet where we’ll be working.

Clearly signed diversions will be in place which have been agreed with the local authority and police.

We’re carrying out some upgrades to the bridge carrying the M180 over the railway between junctions 4 and 5 to provide safer and more reliable journeys for drivers.

The bridge is around 35-years old and starting to deteriorate as well as suffering from long term water retention issues. We’re going to reline the drains and gullies, construct a new drain to capture and remove excess water and carry out repairs to the bridge supports.

We’re starting work on Monday 23 February and expect it to last around five weeks. weather and circumstances permitting.

To carry out this work safely we’ll work during the day both weekdays and weekends.

We’ll also need to close the hard shoulder and lanes one and two for around 1,000 metres of the carriageway in both directions.

Lane three in both directions will remain open.

We may need to close the carriageway for one night depending on the equipment we need to use on site after we’ve started work but we’ll do everything we can to avoid that.

We’re replacing the expansion joints on five bridges between junctions 5 and 7 on the M621. Expansion joints help bridges move under the stresses and strains of traffic and during changes in temperature.

We’ll be working overnight starting Monday 22 February and expect it to take ten weeks, weather and circumstances permitting.

To carry out the work quickly and safely we’ll use a mixture of full and lane closures westbound between junctions 3 and 7 and full closures eastbound between junctions 7 to 4. Approved and signed diversions will be in place for the full closures.

This scheme couldn’t be carried out at the same time as the M621 noise barrier due to the temporary safety barrier which was in place.

As part of the bridge closures we’ll also be carrying out some essential investigation work as part of our M621 junctions 1 to 7 scheme. This will be around the Woodhouse Hill area.

The work will help us to understand the condition of the ground, and locate underground pipes and cables. It will also help to plan improvements of the M621, including locations for new overhead signs and signals as part of a future major scheme.

Some of the machinery will generate noise but everything possible is being done to minimise disruption for residents.

Additional lights will be needed but these will shine on our work area only.

Bridge joint work, lining, kerbing and stud installation.

We need to work on five bridge joints on the Lumley viaduct, and undertake some lining and kerbing work at the same time. Network rail will also use our closure to undertake survey work.

Between 20 March and 30 March the northbound carriageway and lane 2 of the southbound carriageway will be closed overnight (8pm to 6am) from junction 63 to 61 with clearly signed diversions in place. (The road will re-open at 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings)

Local traffic will be able to join A1M at junction 63 (Chester-le-street)

Between 31 March and 17 April the southbound carriageway and lane 2 of the northbound carriageway will be closed overnight (8pm to 6am) from junction 61 to 63 with clearly signed diversions in place. (The road will re-open at 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings)
During most closures local traffic will be able to join southbound A1M at junction 62 Carville.
However, on the nights of 31 March and 1 April local traffic will be directed to join at junction 61 Bradbury.

In common with other Highways England schemes we will be lifting roadworks over the Easter weekend and will not be working between 2 and 4 April 2021.


We need to undertake some repairs to three bridges on the A69 at West Denton. Some of the work we need to do will be noisy. To try and minimise the disruption caused to people living close to the work area we will be fully closing a 500m section of the A69 for three consecutive weekends.

  • Friday 9 April 8pm to Monday 12 April 6am
  • Friday 16 April 8pm to Monday 19 April 6am
  • Friday 23 April 8pm to Monday 26 April 6am

Noisy work will be carried out on Saturday between 8.30am and 5.30pm and Sunday between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

We will also need to close the same stretch of carriageway overnight 7pm to 6am each weeknight from Monday 12 April to Friday 7 May.

The A69 will be closed between the westbound on and off slip roads, and the eastbound on and off slip roads at West Denton Interchange. Clearly signed diversions will be in place.


We are resurfacing the A66 westbound carriageway between Bowes junction and the Cumbrian border starting in June into August 2021.

In order to accommodate the westbound resurfacing, we will move all traffic onto the opposite carriageway with a single dedicated lane in each direction.

The single running lane in each direction will result in a slight increase to journey times as there will be no opportunity for overtaking between the Cumbrian border and Bowes junction.

We know this route is popular for people visiting the Lake District and attending the Appleby Horse Fair (if rescheduled).  We wanted to let people know these works could cause delays between June and August.



Overnight closures on the A1(M) at junction 64 (Washington services)

We need to undertake emergency carriageway repairs on the A1(M) junction 64 northbound entry and exit slip roads.

To do this work safely and efficiently we need to use slip road closures on the A1(M) junction 64 overnight between 8pm and 6am, Tuesday to Saturday, from 13-17 April.

While we work, the following slip road closures will be in place with clearly signed diversion routes in operation. 

  • A1(M) junction 64, northbound exit slip road
  • A1 (M) junction 64 northbound entry slip road
  • A1(M) junction 64 southbound exit slip road

We will always try to minimise any noise when working closely to residential areas and will complete the work as quickly as possible.

Please note that the proposed works are weather dependant and may have to be cancelled or rearranged at short notice. Daily updates can be found here - https://highwaysengland.co.uk/travel-updates/daily-closure-report/


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