M621 noise barrier

We’re installing a noise barrier between junctions 6 and 7 to reduce the level of noise for residents living nearby. In some locations it will also act a safety barrier.

Start date March 2020
End date Spring 2021

Latest updates

  • 04 December 2020

    Work to remove narrow lanes to start shortly

    Over the coming weeks we’ll be starting to remove the temporary safety barrier, speed limit and narrow lanes from the M621 carriageway on both sides. This will be complete by Christmas.

    There will still be some closures on the entry slip road at junction 6 and on the exit slip road at junction 7 until the end of March and occasionally on the main carriageway while we complete the work.

    We’ll also be carrying out some high mast lighting repairs and replacements in the traffic management to avoid future disruptions.

    Blakeney Grove embankment stabilisation

    We’ve removed the trees and we’re now working on the stumps and roots. Then we’ll need to rebuild the embankment to make it stable. Following that we’ll be able to install the barrier, which we’re hoping will be complete by the end of March.

    We’re unable to replant mature trees on the new embankment due to the stability issues that we’re having to resolve but we are looking at other vegetation planting for this area. We won’t be able to provide any details on this until we have the noise and safety barrier fully installed.

    Parnaby Road planting

    We’re working with Leeds City Council’s Park and Ride scheme on their planting scheme at Parnaby Road. This is now likely to take place towards the end of the scheme to avoid frozen and waterlogged soil.

    Site compound junction 7

    The current site compound at the end of the exit slip road at junction 7 will be reduced in size around Christmas time. The area will then be used for storage until around March. Following this we’ll carry out a programme of landscaping and replanting.  

    Additional information

    The noise barrier is now due for completion by the end of March 2021 and has been modelled to give this area of the M621 the maximum protection we can provide when they’re all fully installed. The full benefit of the scheme may not be realised until the scheme is complete.

  • 28 October 2020

    Work starts on the embankment near to Blakeney Grove

    We’re starting work on the section at Blakeney Grove on Monday 2 November. The properties here back directly on to the M621 so we want to let you know about the work we’ll need to do here.

    To safely and securely install the barrier we’ll need to stabilise the embankment which will mean removing the trees and the boundary fence along it. We understand the importance of retaining vegetation where possible and want to reassure that we only undertake this kind of work following topographical surveys and guidance from our environmental team.

    We will replant new trees in their place where permitted by the new embankment design and replace the boundary fence with a new one. We’ll do our best to do this as quickly and quietly as possible and keep you updated with our progress.

    The main stabilisation work and installation of the barrier will follow until early 2021, weather and circumstances permitting.

  • 27 October 2020

    The results are in

    We’ve now received the results from the recent survey asking for your opinions on the colour of the noise barrier that we’re installing on the M621 between junctions 6 and 7. Many thanks to those of you who took time to complete and return the surveys.

    We apologise for the delay in providing this feedback, but we allowed an extra week for more of the 451 surveys that were posted to be completed and returned to ensure that we captured as many as possible.

    We received 45 postal copies of the survey and one single return via the website link which is a total of 46.

    The survey results show that the majority colour preferred by residents on the Parnaby Road side is olive green and the majority colour preferred by residents on the Westbury side is stone grey.

    In respect of the separate majority colour preferences split by area, we’ll make plans to re-paint the fence in situ at Parnaby Road to olive green and the new fence at Westbury will be installed in stone grey.

    We’ll be displaying a sample of each colour in the area shortly so residents can see what it will look like on the barrier.

    Work is still progressing well but the scheme end date has been forced back while we deal with numerous challenges such as; working to add the additional barrier section to the Westbury side and changing the working pattern to reduce noisy excavation overnight, unfortunately repainting the fence will add to the delay pushing us to early 2021.

  • 21 September 2020

    Local engagement on barrier colour

    We’re asking residents living in the Parnaby and Westbury areas for their opinion on what colour the noise barrier should be in these locations.

    Residents will receive a survey which has 15 colours for them to pick from and select their preferred choice.

    View the colours.

    Once they have selected their preferred option on the survey and posted it back to us we’ll be able to start work on changing the colour if we need to.

    Should the majority choice be a different colour then the barrier at Parnaby Road will be repainted in-situ and we’ll install the barrier at the Westbury’s in the new colour.

    We’re only consulting on these two sections of barrier due to their close proximity to residents.

  • 14 September 2020

    Excavation work starts on fifth section

    We’re carrying out excavation work on the fifth section on the clockwise exit slip road at junction 7. This work is being carried out during the day 8am until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday for eight weekends starting on Saturday 1 August. This is to minimise the impact on nearby residents while avoiding any delay in completing the scheme.

    We’re due to finish at the end of this year, this is because we’ve two additional sections of barrier along the route following feedback from residents at our public events. This includes the section at the bottom of the exit slip road at junction 7 and planning permission has been submitted to Leeds City Council so we can improve noise levels for those living at Westbury Grove.

    The anti-clockwise entry slip road at junction 6 is also still closed to allow us to carry out work in this location during the day. We’re currently carrying some maintenance work on the embankment. 

    We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your continued patience.

Project information


We’re installing nine sections of barrier along the M621 between junctions 6 and 7.

In some locations the barrier will also act as a safety barrier to further improve safety for drivers.

The barrier which is being installed at nine locations and will be either 2.2 or 3 metres tall will be put in place to reduce noise for residents living nearby.

The size of the barriers and locations have been chosen to provide the best customer benefits.

They have been modelled to give this area of the M621 the maximum protection we can provide when they’re all fully installed. The full benefit of the scheme may not be realised while installation is still taking place. We’ll carry out a survey at the end of the scheme for your feedback on how the barrier is working.


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