M621 junctions 1 to 7

We’re carrying out a series of improvements to key junctions on the M621.

Start date Started
End date 2022-23
Cost TBC

Latest updates

  • 24 March 2020

    Phase 2 Orders published

    We have started work to widen junction 7 at Stourton as part of phase one. More information is available on the junction 7 widening page.

    We are still working on the detailed design for phase 2. At the end of January 2020 we completed ground investigation work which involved gathering information about the condition of the ground, and locations of underground pipes and cables. We will now use this information to develop our detailed design.

    As part of the process of phase two, we published our statutory orders under the Highways Act 1980. These statutory orders, with associated schedules and plans, are the primary documents which give legal powers to the Secretary of State to construct road improvement schemes.

    You can see the orders and supporting documentation under the Orders tab of the documents section below.

    In connection with parts of the land required for the scheme, a further notice has been published in relation to an exemption to the giving of exchange land. This is part of the legal process and is available to view in the documents section below. The notice is also available to view at Beeston Library from Thursday 13 February until Friday 27 March 2020.

    On 10 January 2020 the Department for Transport issued to all outstanding objectors a ‘notice of intention to hold Public Local Inquiries’ into the orders. The date of this notice is known as the ‘relevant date’ and other key dates in the public inquiry process are measured from it.

    Although a public enquiry has been called by the Secretary of State, the proposed date has not yet been confirmed.

    As part of the process, we have written a Statement of Case which summarises the scheme, objections and representations and Highways England responses.

    All documents related to this can be viewed under the orders and statement of case tabs on the documents section below.

Project information


We will reduce congestion by adding additional lanes for vehicles to use at the junction 2 roundabout and junction 3 westbound, as well as between junctions 2 and 3 where we’ll convert the existing hard shoulder into an additional lane for traffic.  

Motorists will be safer as our scheme will enable vehicles to move more freely at existing junctions – reducing stopping traffic and the risk of shunts and slow speed collisions. Vehicles will no longer have to stop at junction 2 and will instead be able to move freely between the M621 and A643. We’ll also be changing junction 3 westbound to give priority to the main M621 traffic, allowing it to flow more freely. Improvements at this junction will also remove conflicts where the traffic merges in this area. Permanently closing junction 2a will allow junction 3 improvements to reduce the risk of collisions resulting from the short distance between junctions 3 and 2a.  

We’ll be installing new technology which will detect incidents and helps us respond to quicker and get traffic flowing sooner. This will reduce the likelihood of both congestion and further collisions.  

During peak times traffic is very congested on the M621 between junctions 1 and 7, making people’s journeys unreliable and leading to shunts and slow-speed collisions between vehicles.  

Our scheme will ease congestion at key locations along the M621, providing a better, safer, experience for motorists and more reliable journeys. This is great news for the local and regional economy as our scheme will support economic growth aspirations – helping people and businesses access Leeds city centre and the surrounding area.


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