A63 Castle Street

We’re improving a section of the A63 Castle Street in Hull.

Start date March 2020
End date 2024-25
Cost £355 million

Latest updates

  • 22 December 2020

    Demolition of Myton Centre

    We’re due to start demolishing Myton Centre week commencing Monday 4 January.

    The area which previously belonged to Hull City Council is being used as a new public open space.

    The first part of the process is to strip the inside of the building with the actual demolition of the building due to start later the same week. The whole process is expected to take four weeks to complete.

    Work will take place during the day only, we’ll be using an excavator to demolish the building and aren’t expecting it to be noisy. We’ll also be using water suppression to manage any dust created by the demolition.

    Once the demolition has been completed the area will be landscaped and turned into public open space, connecting the existing Jubilee Arboretum with William Street Park.

    Well also be restarting work to strengthen the central reservation. This work will begin again week commencing Monday 4 January 2021 and will be carried out overnight. This is because we need to close the eastbound A63 and reduce the westbound A63 to one lane for safety. Although we will be working between 8pm and 2am on weekdays we are limiting the noisiest activities to before 11.30pm to reduce the impact on local residents. We expect that this work will take four weeks to complete.

  • 18 November 2020

    Our response to customers

    We would like to apologise to the residents of Hull who were disrupted by our work that took place on Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November.

    In order to improve the pedestrian access along High Street to the Fruit Market area we needed to install some sheet pile walls. These are walls built to keep the earth, water or any other material from falling into the area.

    Why were you working overnight?

    We were unable to carry out the work during the day because we were working next to the Magistrates Court. The court has sessions on weekdays and sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays. We couldn’t disturb these ongoing sessions.

    Another reason we were unable to do the work during the day was because we needed to close a lane of the A63. We discussed with the local authority whether we could close one side of the carriageway, but it was felt that this would cause too much disruption. This is due to the higher number of vehicles using the road using the day and other work in the city centre.

    This restricted us to carrying the work out overnight.

    Why was it so noisy?

    We were carrying out piling work which can be noisy. The level of noise depends on various things such as the nature of the ground, size of piles and the layout of buildings in the area – affecting how the noise travels and echoes. We were using large piles and the ground was resistant which meant it was particularly noisy.

    We looked at different type of piling which is generally less noisy, however this would’ve taken over a month to complete. We felt the best option was to do the work over just one weekend.

    Who did you tell about the work?

    A few weeks before the work took place we sent letters to residents living in nearby streets.

    • Church Lane Staithe
    • Trinity Wharf
    • Liberty Lane
    • Blanket Row
    • Market Place (up to South Churchside)
    • King William House
    • Queen Street (as far as Humber Street)
    • Castle Street (north side as far as Fish Street)

    We have reviewed the letter-drop area and next time we will consider sending letters to more properties, as we recognise that the noise travelled further than expected.

    What steps were taken to monitor noise?

    During this work Hull City Council were monitoring noise-levels.

    We are putting-in noise monitors along the entire length of the scheme. At some of our sites we already have mobile ones. We’ll be agreeing the noise thresholds with the local authority.

    How do you intend to improve things next time?

    We’ll be doing more noisy work over the coming months, including more piling activity. We accept the noise level this time was very disruptive and we are looking at how we can improve this for residents in the future. We will:

    • Avoid working overnight wherever possible.
    • Work together with the local authority and speak to businesses and others early-on, so that we can find the best way to minimise disruption.
    • Send letters to more properties, across a wider area - to let more people know about the work before it happens.

    We will continue to carefully consider the impact that the work has on the travelling public – to ensure that we don’t cause major delays.


  • 22 October 2020

    Large tents appear at Trinity burial ground

    Two giant tents which both stand at seven metres tall and are unmissable at 3,512 metres square and 962 metres square have been erected at Trinity Street burial ground.

    Both of the tents, which have a combined length of 135 metres and are in some places as wide as 50 metres, are likely to be in place for around 12 months at the 237-year-old burial ground, which lies partially within the area of the scheme.

    There are currently 25 archaeologists working on site in a safe and socially-distanced manner, and over the course of the project this will increase to a team of 85.

    The careful and sensitive process of exhumation has started and is expected to take just under a year.

    Tents at Trinity burial ground

    Pedestrian improvements to High Street underpass

    We’re upgrading the pedestrian access from Market Street, and along High Street to the Fruit Market area adjacent to Queen Street. This work is necessary as we will be removing the existing A63 crossing at Market Street next year.

    To carry out the work we’re installing a sheet piled wall next to the Modern Court building and the footpath nearby, parallel to the A63. The work will be carried out overnight on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November so it will be outside of the courts working hours which is nearby.

    This work is likely to cause some noise, however we’ll do everything we can to minimise that disturbance.

    Old Town improvements get under way

    Work starts this week on closing the access on to the A63 from Vicar Lane, Fish Street and Dagger Lane. We’ll be providing a turning head on each of these streets to enable traffic to turn around. They will be constructed using cobbles to ensure they match the existing surfacing to maintain the feel of the conservation area.

    As part of this work South Churchside will also become a two way road. We won’t be altering the surfacing but there will be a small loss of on-street parking, however there won’t be any changes to the disabled parking.

    The work will be carried out between 7.30am and 6pm weekdays and 8am until 1pm on Saturdays.

    Details of the closures

    Work will start on South Church Side and Robinson Row on Friday 23 October for a week. This will create a two way street from Market Place to Robinson Row and the priority at the junction of Fish Street/South Church Side will be changed.

    From Monday 26 October access from the A63 to Grammar School Yard will be closed. We’ll create the new access first and work is expected to take around six weeks.

    From Monday 2 November we’ll be closing access on to the A63 from Vicar Lane. A new turning head will be created and pedestrian access will not be affected. This is expected to take around four weeks.

    In the new year work will start on closing off access from Fish Street. A new turning head will be created and work will start on Monday 4 January. It is expected to take around four weeks.

    We’ll be created two way access between Dagger Lane and Princes Dock Street on Posterngate from Friday 8 January for around a week.

    On Wednesday 4 January for four weeks we’ll be closing access from Dagger Lane. It will become two way from Robinson Row to the A63 and the two way will remain from Robinson Row to Posterngate.

    Princes Dock Street will become one way from the A63 junction from Monday 1 March. The work is expected to take around a week to complete.

    Whitefrairgate/Parliament Street and North Church Side/Trinity House lane will remain unaffected.

    Specialist equipment arrives at Arco

    As you’ll be aware the nature of the ground in Hull is rather soft in places due to the soil deposits along the flood banks of the River Humber. The scheme requires a complex engineering solution in order to construct the underpass which will eventually replace the existing junction at Mytongate.

    This solution includes the installation of underground walls either side of the underpass known as diaphragm walls, concrete foundations to help us stabilise the ground and prevent any water getting into the underpass and treatment of the existing poor ground.

    In order to prepare for this part of work, which won’t start until next year, some work to perfect the solution is taking place in the southern car park of the Arco site at Waverley Street. This site has been selected as the ground conditions are very similar to those in which the final work will take place in the centre of the underpass.

    Arco have been kind enough to allow our contractor Balfour Beatty to use the car park as the trial area to determine how these solutions perform in this ground.

    To carry this out several specialist pieces of equipment including a drilling rig and large crane style excavator are being delivered to the site. This work started in September and will last until the end of January 2021. Work will be limited to daytime hours and we’ll monitor noise and vibration caused by the work to ensure it is kept to a minimum.

    Specialist equipment rig

  • 11 June 2020

    Development Consent Order granted

    The development consent order application, which is similar to planning permission, was granted on Thursday 28 May 2020. Further information on the application can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

    The scheme boundary can be found under the media and documents section.

    We've also started building the landmark pedestrian footbridge at Princes Quay, accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users, crossing the A63 between Princes Dock to the north and Humber Dock (Hull Marina) to the south. More information on this can be found on the Princes Quay Bridge webpage.

    The DCO comes into force on Thursday 18 June and we’ll then start work to mobilise the main office at Wellington Street, divert utilities to enable construction and begin preparing Trinity Burial Ground in order to install the tent required for the archaeological work.

    Project newsletters will be issued on a regular basis going forward

  • 01 April 2020

    Development Consent Order - decision anticipated spring 2020

    We’re currently awaiting a decision on the development consent order by the Secretary of State. Construction of the scheme is expected to begin soon after the decision.

    We’ve submitted our development consent order application back in September 2018 and further information on the application and the process can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

    The scheme boundary can be found under the documents section.

    Princes Quay footbridge

    We've also started building the landmark pedestrian footbridge at Princes Quay, accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users, crossing the A63 between Princes Dock to the north and Humber Dock (Hull Marina) to the south. More information on this can be found on the Princes Quay Bridge webpage.

    Landscaping proposals

    Over the last two months we’ve held a number of events to gather people’s views about the landscaping of the Myton Centre and Jubilee Arboretum areas. Following these events we’ll further refine the detailed design and will carry out the work as part of the wider scheme.

    Archaeology at Trinity burial ground

    A temporary boundary fence is already in place in Trinity burial ground with some site investigation and preparation work taking place. This is due to be completed by the end of March. Archaeologists will also begin to measure and record the physical features of the burial ground including the walls, tombs and burial markers.

Project information


We’re planning to create a new junction by lowering the level of the A63 at the Mytongate junction. Ferensway and Commercial Road would cross the A63 creating a split-level junction. Between Princes Dock Street and Market Place we propose to widen the eastbound carriageway to three lanes. We also plan to construct a new bridge over the A63 at Porter Street. These improvements will improve access to the port, congestion, safety and connections between the city centre and the tourist and recreational facilities.

Mytongate junction restricts the flow of traffic along the A63, causing congestion. It is used by approximately 47,000 vehicles each day and delays at peak times can cause problems for people and businesses. The A63 acts as a barrier between the city centre to the north and the retail and dock areas to the south. We need to create better connections between the two areas.

Trinity burial ground

Work to tidy and clear overgrown vegetation in Trinity burial ground has been ongoing since January 2020. As part of this work archaeologists have been recording the monuments and other features such as the walls. In 2015 we undertook archaeological investigations at Trinity burial ground to help us plan for the construction of the scheme. To find out more, download our fact sheet.


We will also be investigating the area of land to the north east of the burial ground which was the site of an old Gaol. The Gaol was opened in 1785 and parts of the walls are likely to remain despite the site being used later for industrial purposes such as a sawmill and lead works. We will look to archaeologically excavate and record this area.


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