Highways England Passport scheme

Highways England Passport scheme

Your Highways England passport demonstrates you have the training, experience and qualifications to work safely on any Highways England site.

The Highways England Passport has two parts:

Smartcard and database

The passport database - with corresponding high security smartcard for each worker - gives you a single, transferable record.

It confirms your authority to work in real-time, enforcing safety standards daily.

You can carry all relevant data with you and it can be checked at any time. The system:

  • provides evidence that you have completed Highways England’s common induction training (HCI)
  • lets you manage all the qualifications, skills and competencies you hold, as well as a wealth of other relevant information about you

Highways Common Induction (HCI)

This gives you a basic understanding of the common hazards that are present across all Highways England sites. It stops you going over the same information each time you go on a new site.

This makes your induction to a new site quicker and more effective.  This is because it will only have to cover the particular hazards that are specific to that site.

How do I sign up?

Contact us to create an account on the passport system or find out how to request cards

Contact our helpdesk

Contact us

If you have questions about the scheme or would like more information

email: HEPassport@highwaysengland.co.uk​

Log on to the passport database
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