Highways England Awards - Top tips

Tips for entrants

The Highways England Awards entry process has been simplified this year. These steps will help guide you through your application:

  • Award entries must be submitted online: awardsplatform.com
  • If you have any problems using the online platform, please contact us using our dedicated awards email address: HEAwards@highwaysengland.co.uk
  • The awards are free to enter, with complimentary tickets to the awards ceremony for shortlisted applicants.
  • We’ve included the judges’ criteria to help you choose the right category and support you in providing all the evidence to ensure a winning entry!
  • Applicants may enter more than one category.

Top tips before submitting your entry

  • Have you submitted your entry for the 2020 Highways England Awards yet?
  • We want you to submit the best entry you possibly can, so we’ve put together some tips to help you on your way!
  • One of the most important things to do is to read and understand the judging criteria – what do the judges want from you, and make sure you cover these in your entry. Each point of criteria carries equal marks.
  • Try and be as clear as possible and use plain English when preparing your entry. You and your team may speak acronyms, but the judges won’t.
  • Treat your entry like a shop window into your project – you need to attract interest and make people want to know more. Think – how do television adverts grab your attention?

Top Tips for entrants

  • Read the instructions and play close attention to the rules of entry.
  • Make the deadline. Don’t miss the closing date of 5pm 6 December.
  • Address each judging criteria with equal emphasis.
  • Make your entry stand out. Keep it simple and eye-catching.
  • What makes you different from everyone else – what is your unique selling point?
  • Show your results, evaluation and how your entry has made an impact to the industry?
  • Submitting an entry takes time and effort, so give yourself enough time to complete all the relevant information, this is particularly important if you are entering as a joint venture – put someone in charge, and make sure the lead applicant has all the information they might need.
  • Look at last year’s winners – why did they win? What made them stand out in that particular category? Make sure you have something similar in your entry.
  • Make it personal. Staff and personal stories can bring entries to life, so use any case studies, or staff/ customer testimonials to tell your story.
  • We know you’ll have lots to tell us, but remember the judges will have many entries to read, so be efficient in your use of words and reduce the number of pages of text the best you can.


Chairman’s Award

The Chairman will make his selection from all the winners to award this prestigious accolade.

Submitting an entry

Submissions must clearly evidence outcomes and reflect and support Highways England’s values of safety, ownership, passion, integrity and teamwork. In addition, entries should clearly demonstrate all of the judging criteria and clearly evidence what the project/initiative has achieved.